• Ariana Ortega

Isabel + Rey Maternity Portraits

This year so far has been filled with SO many baby bumps and it has made me 1. miss being pregnant and 2. want to shoot more maternity sessions!! There is something just so magical and sweet about baby bumps. I know that alot of the times, pregnant moms dont feel beautiful while they have a bun in the oven, but WOW I'm blown away how pregnancy changes you.

Take Isabel for example, she is 2 weeks away from giving birth to a gorgeous baby girl and she was ROCKIN that bump like no ones business. May I remind you, in Texas, there is no regular "season". It will be scorching hot one day and the next it could hail! This particular day, although it was hot, there was a nice breeze and made the session that much more comfortable for all of us!

Ummm...Can you say STUNNING?!

I was secretly hoping they would choose this park because for weeks I had been wanting to go shoot at this field of yellow flowers, and boy was the heat and bugs worth it! So happy with how these turned out!

We had some jaw-dropping light that day, I mean really, look at these!!

I think we can all agree they killed this session! I mean I basically say that about all my clients, so I am biased, but really cant get enough of this. That baby doesnt even know how loved she is already!!

Isabel y Rey, felicidades en esta nueva etapa en sus vidas. No puedo esperar a conocer a esa bebe preciosa, sin duda, va a salir igual de guapa como sus papas!! Que Dios los bendiga!

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