• Ariana Ortega

Nathan Bluebonnet Minis

This sweet little boy and I have had a few sessions together under our belt. He has been one of THE toughest cookies to break when it comes to smiling for the camera. I am proud to say after 4 sessions since I met him, he FINALLY gave me a REAL smile for this one!

Y'all don't understand how giddy I was when it happened....his mom and I both were shocked! I especially loved this session because we got to shoot at my favorite time of the day, golden hour... aka sunset!! This is by far my favorite lighting for ANY photo session. If you want that magical sun flare in your pictures, between 6pm-8pm is the best to shoot in the spring/summer.

Be prepared to make your heart and your uterus (if youre a woman) explode....

Mom is his biggest cheerleader, so we HAD to take advantage of that gorgeous light of mom and her little man together!

Let's face it, you can only get a toddler to cooperate with you for so long. These pictures did not come easily. We had to make all kinds of funny noises and be super silly with him to get him going for the last home stretch.

Happy early Mother's Day to Elizabeth and all the other mom's out there! I cant wait to spend all weekend with my daughter and my family. Stay tuned for more blog posts this week and next week!!

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