• Ariana Ortega

Canaday Family Portraits

Are you even Texan if you don't take pictures in the bluebonnets?! I guess for the past 3 years, I am not lol I have not had a chance to make it out with my own family to do bluebonnet pictures! I have vowed that next spring we are going to Ennis to see them NO MATTER WHAT! We are in desperate need of family pictures ugh, ironically haha

On another note, I want to introduce to ya'll the Canaday family that did make it out to the bluebonnets this year! I went to high school with Olivia and Dallas, it's so awesome seeing them again as a happy family of 3! They go down in my hall of star clients, so easy to pose and to photograph! Definitely makes it faster to edit too!! Their daughter is precious, and I was so psyched when Olivia reached out to me to take their pictures. Hope their session inspires you to get out into the bluebonnets next spring with me...

There was also these patches of pink flowers that were super cute to shoot with as well. Baylee wanted to pick one for mom so I had to get a picture of her with it!

Isn't Baylee just the cutest?!! Those pigtails, that smile and her dress!!! I promise I dont have baby

Had to finish the shoot with Baylee twirling in the field of bluebonnets, seriously, all the heart eyes! I will be having wildflower mini sessions the remainder of this month, if youre interested please email me. I would love to get you on the schedule!

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