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My Top 6 Favorite Photo Locations

As all of you voted on my Instagram story poll, here is a a list of my favorite spots to do shoots at! If you did not vote, make sure to follow me @arodriguezphoto to chime in on what you think my next Blog posts should be about! I love getting feedback from current/future clients. It definitely helps me feel closer to you all in a sense...

1. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve- Plano, TX

This is park is huge!! There are so many great spots in this one location alone.

It features a creek, stone bridges, bike trails, lots of trees and open fields. They have bathrooms at the entrance of the trail. Although, if you ever need to change outfits, I do have a changing tent ;) It is a beautiful spot year round!! I recommend it for any and every type of shoot. I have shot here multiple times, the parking lot does get packed because it is a public park so there are birthday parties held here and residents in the area come to run or bike the trails.

It is also a popular spot for north DFW photographers.

2. Adriatica Village- Mckinney, TX

There are many things I love about this spot. For one, its close to my house which is awesome. I love that it has a different look than lots of places in the area. It is very versatile for pictures, meaning you can do family, maternity, senior or wedding pictures here. It has a Spaniard vibe to me with the stone, wrought iron lights/fences, a big lake and the design of the houses/apartments.

3. Lakeside Park- Dallas, TX

I am honestly shocked how hard it is to convince some of yall to make the drive down to Dallas for pictures. There are so many pretty spots like this park, it is unreal! This park is surrounded by lavish Highland Park homes, a beautiful pond that leads to a waterfall, a white stone creek, and white rock bridges. This goes down as one of my favorite spots for seniors and family sessions!

4. Towne Lake Park- Mckinney, TX

This park can be a hit or miss sometimes only because it is also a very popular public park so there are quite a few people around. Regardless, it is still one of my favorites. It is full of trees, gorgeous metal bridges and has a fishing lake that make perfect backdrops for family and senior sessions!

5. AW Perry Homestead Museum- Carrollton, TX

This park is one of my most recent favorite locations to go to. Just like Adriatica it is a versatile spot for pictures. I especially love it because, I have a slight obsession with barns and not only does it have an old barn, it has a white prairie looking house (which is a museum really) right next to it.

So if you want something more country this is the spot for you!

6. Downtown Mckinney

Because most of us dont like the drive to Dallas, this is the next best spot for an urban shoot! Perfect for couples, seniors and bridals! Downtown Mckinney is so quaint and cute. The downside is parking, but it has lots of amazing areas for pictures.

If you're interested in shooting at one of these locations please dont hesitate to ask. There are lots of other great places that I shoot at, as well. These are just my favorite locations that I wanted to share with yall! I am going to try my best to make a blog post about some other amazing spots, that are a little bit more of a drive, but just as awesome. There are also studios in the DFW area that I love to shoot at, incase you want an indoor session, I will make a blog post about those soon as well! Feel free to map these places out, if you have any other suggestions on locations I would love to hear them!

I am working hard on getting all the galleries out this week before Mothers Day, thank you for being patient with me in this transition. As some of you may know, I started working at my church as a preschool teacher, so it's setting me back a bit on editing but I am catching up! Really appreciate yall's patience!!!

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