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What to Wear: Boudoir Session

Most of you that follow me on social media by now, or that receive emails from me know that Boudoir is a big part of my business. I am sorry if some of you don't like seeing some of the things I post when it's strictly boudoir... I know some of it can be graphic. But, I don't want to shy away from the fact that this type of photography can be misread for something it's not. Back in January I did a blog post on an award I won from TheKnot, a wedding vendor website. I got chosen for "theknot best of weddings" pick in 2018. All from the reviews I received by ladies that have done boudoir sessions with me.

So if you have booked a boudoir session, the #1 question is what do you wear?

A common mistake many women make when planning their outfits is thinking that boudoir is only one thing: matching lingerie sets. This is NOT the case at all! Your boudoir session should be all about YOU first and foremost. You should feel completely comfortable in what you’re wearing (unless you’re going for the uncomfortable stuff) and it should make you feel sexy! Please don’t feel like you have to fit yourself into the box of what most people are doing for their boudoir sessions. BE YOURSELF! Whether that means going all out for the full lingerie set, garter belt, stockings and high heels or simply barefoot with cotton undies and a t-shirt. I am sure whatever you choose, your spouse/significant other will approve! You can make anything look sexy, trust me.

The focus of your session should be you, not your wardrobe or props. Bright colors can be distracting, but sometimes bright colors truly fit certain personalities. It all depends on you. Your outfits will determine the look and feel for your session, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing. Do you want your session to feel more dark and mysterious, or would you prefer light and airy?

If you feel like you have multiple facets of your personality consider doing multiple sessions or doing a longer session and changing the hair and makeup as well.

Let’s dive into some wardrobe options:

The Matching Set

The matching lingerie set is one of the most common wardrobe options. You can’t go wrong with matching bra and panties, and they come in endless options. Solid black /white is classic and timeless. The most important consideration for the matching set is to make sure it fits right. That goes for everything on this list, actually. If you go a size down from what you should wear, it will create bulges under the bra band and around the underwear band. I’ve never met a woman who has referred to the “muffin top” affectionately, so be sure it fits right!

Chemises & Baby-dolls

The chemise and babydoll are great options for those who are concerned with the midriff section… which is probably the majority of us. They can be incredibly sexy but still give you that comfort of feeling covered. It’s not always about the “less is more” motto, it’s about what you feel good in. Slips fall under this category as well, if you need extra support consider a shape-wear slip.

Corsets & Bustiers

Again, for those concerned with the midriff section, corsets and bustiers can be your best friend! They cinch in your waist helping to create the curves you want. Remember, they are incredibly tight so this makes some poses difficult, as well as breathing. Corsets can also flatten out your chest making you look smaller up top. This is where bustiers really shine, they have cups that enhance your cleavage while still cinching your waist. There are also cup-less options for those of you who are going for more risque photos as well as waist cinches.

Your Man’s Clothes

If you are doing your session as a gift for your man, you could bring something of his to add a personal touch. The button down dress shirt has become incredibly popular. Shirts that are larger than the size you would normally wear work best so that you can have the shirt off your shoulders and still pull it all the way around you. Try thinking outside the box and get personal! Does he have a favorite band shirt? Sports team? Hobby? Be creative.

T-Shirts & Sweaters

One of my favorite things that clients bring in, which may sound crazy, is a big t-shirt that hangs off the shoulder. T-shirts with big graphics or words on them photograph really well. Pairing a t-shirt or tank top with a bra and panty set, or just cotton undies, is a great way to sink into the next set with a little strip tease!


Be careful when pairing your accessories with outfits taking care not to go overboard. If you’re wearing a big, chunky necklace, smaller earrings may be better. If you’re a fashionista and never leave the house without being fully accessorized then go for it! But, if you don’t typically wear a lot of jewelry don’t feel like you have to go out and buy some for your session. Fur coats (real or fake) and masks can be a lot of fun for a session. If your boudoir photos will be a gift to your groom on your wedding day, you can bring in your veil as an accessory.

Nothing at all!

The all time classic, the birthday suit! Don’t worry though, just because you’re completely nude in the photos doesn’t mean you have to show everything if the thought of that terrifies you. I can wrap you in a sheet and only show what you want, or you can go all out! How much you show, or don’t show, is completely up to you. A lot of clients have told me that the nude portion of their session was the most liberating part! Artistic nudes can be a great way to focus on capturing your femininity in a beautiful and timeless way.

If you have any questions at all about what to wear for your session, please don’t hesitate to give me a call! I would be more than happy to discuss your wardrobe options and the look you’re going for. The more prepared you are for your session, the better. To book a session or for more information call 469-434-8291. You can also become a part of my private boudoir group on Facebook LADIES ONLY search Boudoir by Ariana Rodriguez Photography and answer the 3 questions so I can approve you. Every Wednesday I post "outfit inspiration" and you can learn about all my upcoming boudoir marathons at first hand!

If you're interested in booking a boudoir session email me, and I will send you a quick questionnaire to fill out as well as a list of my packages and what's included.

I still have 2 spots remaining for my Spring Sultry Sessions Boudoir Marathon at the end of May. After reading all of this, I hope I convinced you to step out of your comfort zone and remind yourself how beautiful you are. Let me help you!

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