• Ariana Ortega

Fort Worth Botanical Garden

Ever since I moved to Texas I have wanted to visit all the "picture-esque" places near my house. The Fort Worth Botanical Garden was one on my list, and we finally got to go! We actually only visited the Japanese Garden part of the whole map, definitely planning on going back to see the rest...

But, I wanted to share with yall how beautiful this place is!

There is a $7 adult entrance fee, and parking is free (which is AWESOME compared to the Dallas Arboretum that's $15 per adult plus $10 for parking!!)

Moving on...

Lindsay is also BEAUTIFUL!

We were finishing her Personal Branding session.

As you can see, there's lots of great spots in just the Japanese Garden that you can take pictures at!

We went right in the middle of the day, so it wasn't as packed despite it being Spring Break (also not the best choice in lighting to shoot at).

Regardless, these pictures were so fun to take and turned out amazing!

So glad we were able to make it out there, and looking forward to shooting here again in the near future with another client ;)

Thanks for reading, let me know if you would like to shoot here, I'd love to get you on my calendar!

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