• Ariana Ortega

What to Wear: Family Session

Are you stuck on what your family should wear for their photo session? As a photographer, it is one of the main questions I get asked. Here are some tips to follow when you're looking for an outfit.

Go for Simple, Classic Styles – avoid logos or large pictures on shirts.

  • Minimize Patterns – A few well chosen patterns add texture and variety to the pictures. Too many patterns, however, can clash, so try not to have too many.

  • Color Palettes – Pick a few colors that look good together, and mix these colors with neutrals. Design Seeds is a great website where you can looks through a variety of color palettes. There are also great ideas for color palettes on Pinterest.

  • Accessorize – Accessories add that extra flare to any outfit – hats, scarfs, necklaces (especially chunky ones), bracelets, boots, even socks!

  • Vary the Matching Colors – Instead of matching all shirts and pants, mix it up! Have dad’s shirt match daughter’s skirt, or mom’s necklace match son’s shoes! It looks really good to see pops of color being pulled together from different places.

  • Borrow from Eachother – Raid eachothers’ wardrobe! Mom’s scarf may tie daughter’s outfit together perfectly, one sister might have an extra necklace for another. Expand your options by opening your wardrobes to each other!

  • Mom First – Moms so often put themselves last, and are usually the most critical of their own appearance. Mom, choose an outfit you feel confident in first, and base everyone else’s off of that. Kids look cute in everything, and men’s style is often more simple (my husband has the same shirt in about a billion colors).

What you wear reflects your family’s style and personality. It can be really fun planning outfits for a family session. Some great places to shop for outfits will be JcPenny, H&M, Target, Kohls, Zara, or Old Navy. These stores are pretty good about color coordinating and putting outfits together for families on their front door mannequins. In the end, the choice of what to wear is totally up to you! Happy styling!

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