• Ariana Ortega

Thursday Theme Winner

I purchased an online photography class back in January from a photographer in Scotland that specializes in natural light photography. Well, I am a part of their private Facebook photography group and every Thursday we have a contest for a specific theme. Photographers can submit pictures that relate to the theme of the week to try and make it as the cover photo of the group for the following week. Last Thursday the theme was "Styled" and I submitted one of the pictures from a styled prom shoot I did. Although, I did not win the cover photo, my submission still made it to the TOP pictures of that week! It is a huge honor and I was so happy to see my work on the groups page!! Below is the image that won :)

Photographer: Ariana Rodriguez Photography (me!!)

Model: Fatima Luevano

Hair and Makeup: Fatima did it herself

Dress: Purchased from the Wish App for $13

Corsage: Pick a Daisy Floral Design

Jewelry: Sam Moon

Location: Adriatica Village in Mckinney, TX

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