• Ariana Ortega

Name Change!

As some of you may know, I recently got married to the love of my life back in September of 2016. I have decided to keep my maiden name for my business, but I don't want people getting confused if they see me reply to an email as Ariana Ortega. To save you from confusion majority of the time I will email back signed as Ariana Rodriguez Ortega. If I have been lacking in that, I am truly sorry. If you are referring me to your family and friends you can give them the whole "she just got married" sch-peel or leave it to me! I do not mind explaining ;)

I am going to start posting more regularly on my blog, now that I am finally moved in and organized!! I am so excited to share with you all my weekly ramblings, advice etc. I hope you guys can learn a little something more about me!!


Ariana Ortega

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