• Ariana Rodriguez

My First EVER Magazine Spread

I just want to share with you all how excited I am that my photography got featured in Pinup Kulture magazine in March. It is a pinup magazine that also features the beautiful Summer Edwards aka Viv D'Ville and I am over the moon to have my name and images published!! I've recently started to dabble more into portrait and boudoir photography, and it has opened lots of new doors for me as a photographer. If you are into pinup, I would LOVE to do a shoot with you!! I am going to be featured in another pinup magazine, same model, later this year called Delicious Dolls magazine. Be on the lookout for a new blog post about it, because I am definitely celebrating! Props to Summer for being so patient with me, since it was my first shoot ever like that. I cant wait to do another session with her!! Be sure to follow her page on Facebook and Instagram for more pictures.


Ariana Ortega

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