Imagine yourself walking into a room where there is music playing,

you have your own personal photographer,

and a gorgeous collection of lingerie waiting for you with your name on it.

You sit down and feel the stress melt away as you receive professional hair

and makeup styling from my resident artists.

Once the lashes are on and the hair is curled, you spend the next hour playing dress up in lingerie you never thought you would be comfortable in.

But before you know it, you are feeling sexy, confident and amazing!

THAT is the power of a Boudoir session and I can't wait for you to experience it!

I am a featured vendor on TheKnot and was voted Best of weddings top pick for 2018, 2019 and 2020! 

Although its tough to put a price on this one of a kind luxury experience...

The creation retainer is $350 plus tax and includes

professional hair and makeup on site, one hour shooting with me,

a personalized styling consultation, access to my gorgeous client closet,

high end retouching on images, and a viewing/ordering image reveal

where you can purchase your products.

Products start at $650 and are sold SEPARATELY.

Most clients spend more than that, some spend several thousands.

You will only purchase what you LOVE!

I do offer several types of payment plans, just ask me about them

and we can discuss this further.

Sexy is a mindstate, not a waist size!

When was the last time you did something that was TRULY just for you? Sadly, most of us can't remember OR it has been way too long. So, let's change that...let's do something that is completely about YOU!

You're probably already thinking...

"I need to lose weight first" or "I am not photogenic enough" 

I am sure you can come up with a million excuses why you shouldn't do a boudoir session, so I am going to give you some reasons why you SHOULD do!

1) You deserve to be pampered

This is the definition of "treat yo self!"

You know that feeling you get after a really great hair cut or a relaxing day without the kids? I know you know that feeling, you have an extra pep in your step and you just feel... lighter

Come sip some champagne, slip into something sexy, get your hair and makeup done and take some bomb pictures for your significant other...or even yourself!

You deserve it!!

2) It makes a great gift

Imagine the look on his face when he opens the album you created, filled with gorgeous images of you. You will have to pick his jaw up off the floor! It's not only a great gift to give someone... it's a perfect gift to give YOURSELF! It's fun to see his reaction but more importantly it serves as a constant reminder of just how beautiful you are. I have clients that purchase canvases and prints just for them, to hang in their closet or bathroom where it is a daily reminder of that feeling.

3) You get to go shopping!

Take some time out for yourself and go shopping for yourself! I work with my clients to make sure they get the best fitting lingerie for their bodies. The best part? All of the great pieces you purchase can make other appearances in more intimate settings...

4) It will empower you

Getting treated like a celebrity for a few hours is great therapy for anyone! But wait until you get to see the photographs for the first time. You will be blown away! You will see how gorgeous you really are and it will give you that extra boost of confidence you need.

Step out of your comfort zone and let your guard down.

I promise you'll love the end result!

I am passionate about celebrating the female form in all its shapes & skin tones. I focus on my client's needs and desires for the shoot before it even begins by starting with a consultation that aids in our direction for your shoot. No woman is the same therefore my sessions are never the same from one client to the next. Your images will reflect & enhance the beauty that is already within you. Whether these images are for yourself or your significant other, this experience will make you embrace, rediscover, and fall back in love with YOU!

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