I am 27 years young, and a single mom to

a darling 8 year old girl, Tatiana.

I was born in Costa Rica but have lived

majority of my life in Texas.

I fell in love with photography in high school.

I love to travel, even if its locally. 

I am bilingual, I can speak,

read and write fluently in English and Spanish.

All checks can be made payable to Tj Maxx

and Home Goods, they have all my money anyways! 

Bread and red wine are my favorite food groups.

I started my photography business like any other mom,

I bought a new DSLR and my hobby soon turned into 

a booming business that it is today!

Ever since I can remember, I have loved taking pictures!

My interest peaked when my sister and I got a polaroid camera for Christmas when we were 9

and 10 years old. We had a blast photographing

each other and waiting for the film to produce.

When I reached high school I had gone digital

and had a Kodak share camera which soon turned

into a touch screen Samsung (til this day one of

my favorite cameras, still have it!)

Once I became a mom of course, I had to upgrade.

I absolutely love my Canon DSLR.

It was one of THE best investments 

I made in my 20's for sure! 

Of course over the years I have acquired

more lenses, better editing skills and I am

still learning everyday! 

Because I chose this as my career path, I do rely on

word of mouth, reviews from clients and lots of

marketing to get my name out there. 

If you decide to choose me as your photographer,

whatever the occasion may be, I am eternally grateful. 

Photography pays the bills in my house it means

the world to me, and so much more that you love

and value my work enough to hire me. 

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